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The Sourdough Breads

At Smokey House we made sourdough bread from yeast that Juanita grew, which I had no clue was even possible.  It turns out that yeast is a living thing, a microscopic fungus. The “starter” is just flour, water and yeast.  It looks like regular dough, with bubbles and little craters in it, kind of like the moon.  It smells sour.


We made two different batches to see what the difference was between leaving the yeast in the fridge and out on the counter overnight.  The dough that was on the counter overnight was a lot more sour-smelling than the dough in the fridge.  It grew a lot more than the other one did.  The dough that was in the fridge overnight didn’t smell as sour and was nowhere near as high as the other one.

We scooped the dough out of the “bucket” and stretched it gently.  Then we cut it in half and folded the cut in, and let them sit for two hours, IMG_0058lightly covered with plastic wrap.  After letting the dough rise, we baked it for 12 minutes on the bottom rack and 12 minutes on the top.

The baked bread was delightful.  I liked the one that was left out overnight better because it had a stronger taste and more flavor.  The other one was kind of bland. They were both very good with my home made dandelion jelly in the end.


Bread Baking

Smokey House POD three we have made quite a lot of bread. We didn’t just bake regular bread, we took sugar and cinnamon and made a swirl bread. It is basically the same thing as regular bread, you mix the dough and let it sit for an hour. Then take your fist and punch down in the middle of the dough. Then we lay it out on a hard surface, roll it out flat, but without any thin spots. Then take the cinnamon and sugar and sprinkle it all around on one side of the dough. Then you roll the bread dough like you are making a telescope. Pinch the ends so none of the cinnamon/sugar comes out, then put it in the oven for 35 minutes. After that you let it cool and you have cinnamon swirl bread.img_8414