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White above the Green

IMG_0036 May snow
Snow above Smokey House

You don’t usually see green grass and budding leaves against a backdrop of snow, but that’s what we have at Smokey House this week.  As beautiful as it is, we’d prefer to be dealing with warmer temperatures!

IMG_0039 ramps
Wild leeks (aka ramps) headed to the kitchen

However, the chilly weather hasn’t stopped the signs of spring in the woods.  We dug up some ramps (aka wild leeks) and used one in an omelet yesterday after sautéing the greens and bulb in butter.  We plan to pickle the rest tomorrow.


A Fun Filled Day

This day we froze our butts off walking deep in the snow learning about maple sap lines   along with pulling out taps.

The snow got in my boots and froze my ankles right off! But as we were walking I could only think I was having fun so it didn’t bother me. Pimg_9382ulling out the taps was really fun even being really short; testing my strength was the best time of it all! there is a lot of walking and a lot of little critters that you got to make sure you watch out for cause they sure can chew a hole and get some tasty sap to eat!


Quinzee is a shimg_9253elter that you make out of snow that you dig out the center of. Native American tribes made them so that they could keep shelter from the cold.

We are making it with snow and digging the quinzee out. We are making it on the ice so it is easier to get the snow. We shoveled snow into a big pile. It’s huge, about six feet in diameter, volcano made out of snow. It took us about an hour to build the snow up. It is going to sinter (compress) so it doesn’t collapse.

img_9278We then dig it out. We are going to put sticks in the top to see how deep we dig out the top of it. The entrance is going to be away from the wind so the wind doesn’t blow in and make it colder inside the quinzee.