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Bean Lab Report

Throughout our spring ecology course here at Smokey House we participated in a month long experiment where we recorded bean plant growth with added variables to determine if the plant’s growth rate would be impacted. My experiment was to observe and record bean growth between three separate plant’s where one had no sugar added, one that had one teaspoon of sugar added and one that had one tablespoon of sugar. These three plant’s were watered three times a week on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. All of the plant’s received approximately the same amount of water and sunlight. On the 26th of April we completed our experiments and culminated data about our findings.

My findings were that the bean plant that received the same amount of sunlight and water than the others but had no sugar added grew the tallest in stalk length at 20 centimeters. However, the bean plant that received the smallest amount of sugar at one teaspoon grew to a close second at 12 centimeters. Lastly for our third bean plant it grew a whopping zero centimeters and gave our room a funky smell due to the fermenting sugar.

The denouement of my experiment was that the bean plant without any additives grew the tallest and perhaps the reason for this is because the plant had easier access to the nutrients in the soil and sugar could have made it more difficult for the other plant’s to do this. The second plant with only one teaspoon grew to a total of 12 centimeters although it grew at a much slower pace than the plant without sugar. As for our plant with one tablespoon it didn’t grow at all and the reason for this could be because there was simply to much sugar for the bean to absorb other nutrients from the soil. We did however, miss an entire week of monitoring our beans due to spring break and this could have been a confounding variable in our project although I have a small amount of doubt that it had a considerable impact on growth overall. I’ve concluded albeit the bean plant’s can grow with a minimal amount of sugar, I find it better to let nature do its magic and add none at all.