Tutorial Center Work and Chores

The senior YAP group started the morning off by mixing up our dough for bread, cleaning up after. While waiting for the bread dough to rise we went out to the garden, to weed and mulch. Senior YAP group also went out and collected saplings to make walking sticks. We also collect various sized sticks to turn into garden stakes. Most everything we collected, made, or even have grown we sell at our farmers market. At the end off the day we generally do tiding up making the center clean and nice for the next day.

To  start the bread dough we first must wash our hands, followed by getting out all ingredients that may be needed, including the pans and bowls. When measuring we weigh exact amounts and mix everything together, but while doing so we have a group of people that take turns doing everything. Once everything is mixed the dough is ready to sit and rise. Once the dough has sat we cut the dough into smaller parts, to be shaped for loafs. After that is done it’s ready to go into the oven.the bread while baking smells so amazing!

For collecting saplings we tried to thin out larger groups, or clusters of baby trees so that other organisms have room to survive. When choosing a walking sticks they have to be big enough so that it won’ t snap under pressure and once bark is removed theres still enough wood left for decoration. Just always remember be creative. When gathering diffrent sized sticks for garden markers, the group scouts out ones that are long and good shaped. Once you take back the bark, sand it smooth, write the name of plant or whatever you may need on there, and then tap lightly in to ground and the marker’s good to go.

When the day comes to an end we clean dishes, sweap the floor, do double check of things from the day, and say goodbye see you tomorrow. I enjoy the different work that goes on here and the people that help.




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