Exploring New Territories


Treading new territory and going into the unknown is one of my favorite pastimes and is remarkably more interesting whilst having expeditions through the forest. Today we had the opportunity to explore the depths of the mountains and the mysteries that lie beyond. Our mission was to hike out into the smokey mountains to the vernal pools, where amphibians such as frogs and salamanders congregate during the winter. Once the snow and ice melt these organisms come out of hibernation and lay eggs during the spring.


These habitats teem with life and are a great deal of fun to investigate. Though we didn’t have the pleasure of viewing the frogs and salamanders as we anticipated we did however, have the pleasure of soaking our boots of cold water trudging through the snow along the way. Should you ever decide to head out into the woods for a walk on a favorable and less snowy day, be on the lookout for for shallow pools of water because you may be surprised about what you may find!


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