The Lost Glove

We were collecting benthic macro-invertebrates, small little bugs you find on rocks, from a stream. It was cold, obviously. We caught them with a net. We had our hands in the water and Tom almost got hypothermia. We were trying to determine which species they originated from by using a key. We found black flies, mayflies, and caddisflies.

As we were determining which bugs were which, Tom realized he was missing a glove. So I take off and try to find it; they were expensive gloves. I got halfway down the river, about. Tom was yelling at me to come back. He said that the glove was all the way down the river by now. So I turned around, starting walking back, and then started walking back again in the same direction as before. Tom was yelling “you can’t see it, it’s already gone by now.” But I keep walking anyways. He’s still yelling at, “come back, it’s gone!” So I yelled back, “it’s right here! I can see it!” So then I go over, grab the glove, and almost fell in, water almost got to the top of the boots. He was lucky I didn’t fall or get water in my boot, because I would’ve kept the glove, even if they were a gift. And that’s how the story went.IMG_9680


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