The Great Canadian Syrup Heist

It happened in Quebec in 2011.  No one knew about it until 2012.  What was it? A bunch of people stole millions and millions of dollars worth of syrup from a warehouse over a matter of months.

How it happen?   Here are the details:syrup!

  • The federation of quebec maple syrup producers was being stolen from.
  • They are the legal “mob bosses” of the syrup industry.  They control who can buy syrup, who can sell syrup, and who can make syrup in Quebec.
  • There was a rival syrup distributor who had an inside man on the job who gained access to the warehouse legally because he rented a section it.
  • Hundreds of barrels of syrup were replaced with nothing or water.
  • It happened over several months, not just in one night.
  • They could sell it on the black market.  Some of it made it overseas, and to Vermont and New Hampshire.syrup@
  • An accountant went to do the annual books and climbed up on a barrel and it was
  • 18.6 million dollars’ worth of syrup was stolen .
  • After a long investigation, 22 people in total were arrested. 

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