Syrup of the Smokey House

As someone who hasn’t lived in the state of Vermont for long, being outdoors and disconnected from the city life and rush of Florida and Chicago is quite a refresher. Coming to Smokey House Tutorial Center my first time is equivalent to experiencing your first Christmas as a child. Being so far away from civilization has a charm that I can’t quite describe. The air, ambience, peacefulness, and environment here is like nothing I’ve experienced. On my first day we took a tour trudging through and viewing snow covered gardens, maple sap tanks as well as the farm store.


I also had the pleasure of viewing things that the other groups had been up to such as the quinzees that the students had built, which are essentially igloos but instead of ice it is snow that is made into a big pile and left to freeze, then is dug out, on the frozen pond a week prior to my arrival. If you’re a outdoors person or just enjoy a change from time to time then I heartily recommend that you look into the Smokey House Tutorial Center. Here you will get a chance to tap maple trees, learn survival skills and experience learning from a different point of view with more hands on work and the luxury of doing more out of the classroom work. In any case, the Smokey House Tutorial Center is a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn some valuable information that I wouldn’t pass up for the world.


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