Maple Indian Pudding

img_9369Wednesday at Smokey House we made a maple indian pudding

Steps we need to make the pudding

  1. look at the recipe
  2. gather all the things we needed (milk,cornmeal,pure maple syrup,raisins,butter,molasses,cinnamon,ginger, and salt).
  3. preheat the oven
  4. heat the milk in a heavy bottom pot over stove
  5. whisk and put the cornmeal in the pot then stir for ten mins
  6. add the rest of the ingredents and keep stirring
  7. put the mix into a 9″/13″ pan and bake for two hours and thirty minutes

My opinion on the pudding was that it was not the best. Very anti-climactic when I tried it, because I was thinking it was going to taste good and I was ready for it. It kinda tasted like pumpkin pie to me, and the texture of it had that pumpkin pie texture. We should’ve put more maple syrup and less raisins. We put a cup of syrup in it, we should have put two cups. Sam did not like it, the other two liked it. No, never again will I make it.


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