Ice Fishing

What am I doing  this weekend? Ice fishing. I like it because you catch fish. It’s just something I’ve always liked. We mainly go pike fishing, but this time we’re cat fishing at night.

What do you need for ice fishing?

That’s NOT a gas auger

Get all your gear-

1.To stay warm- I usually put on an extra pair of socks and nice boots and a waterproof suit.

2.Bait – you need minnows for bait.

3.Auger – We have a gas-powered one. When you’re out there, it shakes the whole ice. We just got a new blade for it. It goes a lot easier and quicker too. You don’t have to sit on it with all your weight on it.

4.Tip-ups –You put it over the hole in the ice. It hangs down. It has a reel on the bottom of it and a flag. You got a hook. Put a minnow on the hook. The minnow isn’t strong enough to pull it and spin the thing on the top. When that spins the flag goes up and you’ve got a bite. When the line gets pulled, the reel spins, which makes the spinner on the top spin, which makes the flag go up.

5.Gaff – A gaff is a stick with a pointy hook on the end of it. To pull the fish out of the hole. Like a net for ice fishing, because you can’t get a net in the hole.

6.Scoop – You just use it to break the ice if the hole’s frozen over, and to get the slush out of the hole.


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