Craft Fair in Middletown Springs

img_8864   Yesterday, Sunday, December 5, there was a craft fair in Middletown Springs at the elementary school and we had a table where we sold things we handcrafted. We made birch reindeer (small, medium and large sizes), birch candle holders (small, medium and large sizes), birch pencil holders (small, medium and large size), trivets (to place on counter surface so it is not damaged from hot cookware), mint scented lip balm, one unscented lip balm, unscented hand salves, and photo cards. We cooked apple butter, original flavor and ginger, and made rustic bread buckets (put in everything you would need to make your own at home, including a wooden spoon). The three top sellers (not in any particular order), were lip balm, photo cards and apple butter. In the first hour and a half or so of the fair, sales were little if any, but in the mid-afternoon it pick up quite a bit. I do think that we had a great location as we were in the middle and could observe other vendors. It also helped with that our photo cards cost lest then the vendor across from us. The craft fair was a little tiring for me being there for 5 hours, but I’d probably do it again once a year or so.

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