Conifer Identification

In POD 4, one of the things I worked on was conifer identification. Most conifers are evergreens, except larches. I completed worksheets and then later identified the conifers. I also took photographs of the conifers.  As well, I uploaded pictures of some of the conifers to, an animal and plant ID site, where others gave their opinion as to if my identification was correct or not.

Tree #1.

The first conifer I observed by the road is 10-12 ft. tall. The needles were singles, attached individually to branches and were about 1 in. in length. They were blueish in color. The cones on the conifer  were pointing up. They were 1 in. or less in length. This conifer appeared to be quite young, as the cones were just starting to grow. The bark was light brown in color, and the texture was rough. I identified the conifer as a spruce due to the needle length having been under 1 in., the color was blueish, and the needles were singles.


Tree #2.

A few days later, after observing tree #1, I observed conifers at the site of the adirondack shelter. One I observed there was 4ft tall and estimated to be 12 years old, by counting each row of branches. Diameter was 1 in. and circumference was 3.14. The needles were 4 in. long and blunt or dull. They were darker green or white in color. The needles were attached to the branch by stub. They were in clusters of 5. The cones were pointed up. The bark was brown and grayish in color. The texture was slightly rough. The bark had bumps, holes in the inter bark, which allowed it to breath.

I identified the conifer as a white pine. With pines, they grow one row of branches per year, which is how I was able to determine the age. Also, the color of the needles were almost white, the bumps in the bark and 5 needles in a cluster.


img_8608(Tree #3, Teacher & myself observing)

Tree #3.

I have observed this conifer #3 multiple times. We have been having a hard time identifying it. I believe it is likely not a native tree and was brought in when the Christmas tree business was actively bringing in trees, at least 5 years ago. The tree is located at the North East end of the pond. It was about 8-9 ft. tall. The trunk is 3 in. at the bottom. Needles were in clusters of 2 and were 2 to 3 in. in length. They were flat and pointed up along with the branches. The cones were at least 1 in. in length. The cones grew in bundles with 4-5 in each bundle. The bark was brown in color, with a rough texture. I would identify the conifer as a pine, but am not sure of the species. Possible species are red or scotch pine.






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