Building a Reindeer Family out of Birch

This POD has included intensive woodworking on Monday with Robin. We went out in the beginning of this POD and cut birch wood down from the path (cleared road) to the adirondack shelter where there is a surplus of birch wood that will not survive the much larger birch trees. We loaded the cut down birch into Robin’s truck and drove it back down and then brought it into the wood shop, where Robin cut it with an electric saw into pieces for reindeers and candle holders. Once it was all cut we went back into the school house where we drilled holes in certain places, some for the head, tail, etc. with the drill with different bits. The legs for the reindeer, which were dogwood that we also got from where we collected the birch wood from, were cut with a saw. The antlers and tail were cut with clippers. The legs, antlers, and tail had to be thinned down on the tip so they would fit into the drilled holes. After the reindeer were assembled, we put noses on them by gluing on a plastic mini red ball ornament. We did make a few reindeer that day in various sizes, a couple small, some medium, and one large.

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