Craft Fair Planning

Friday, of last week was the first day of POD 4. I discussed with my teacher, Juanita about making plans for the craft fair which will take place Sunday, December 4, at the Middletown Springs Elementary School. We discussed making both wooden and non-wooden products. The non-wooden projects could consist of rope lanyard keychains and of photograph related items. I suggested that we make wooden toothbrush holders and soap dishes. The profit from the sale will be split among three people, TTC @ SHC, my teacher Tom, and myself. This week, on Monday, with my teacher Heidi I edited photographs using the app on Mac computers “Photos”, on older macs called “iPhoto”. We discussed that she could have them printed by a photo lab in Rutland and that we could place them on photo cards from Michael’s which would make for nice greeting cards for this holiday season and beyond. We would be able to earn at least double the cost to make them. The wooden projects are also relatively inexpensive to make, especially, if the wood does not have to purchased. In the past, we have sold things at the farm stand here at SHC and have earned a decent profit, so I am confident that this craft fair will go well.

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