Wooden Stools

In POD three at Smokey House I made a wooden stool. Not only did I cut out the seat and find the materials to do it, I also went above and beyond to carve a deer skull and antlers in the middle of the seat. This procedure was very time consuming. This is because I needed to work slowly to prevent gouging. It’s not so easy to erase with wood.

We started our stools with a piece of 2 X 12 spruce slab board. We then drew a perfect circle in the middle. Then we brought it outside and cut the circle out of it. Then we sanded all of the rough edges out of the seat. We then marked out circles to put the legs in, drilling the holes with a 1 inch drill bit. Then we widened the ends of the legs to fit snugly in the holes. We glued and wedged them so they will stay tight. But the first time we did the legs they did not hold.

The experience of building a wooden stool by hand was pretty cool. Also this was my very last project at TTC Smokey House. I’m leaving to go back to public school. I had a blast at TTC at Smokey House. It was fun for the short period of time I spent here.


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