Pod 3 – Garden Work

YouthWork&Learn hard-neck garlic


Pod 3 has involved garden work. We are working on getting the garden ready to rest for the winter. We got the garden out back, where the corn and pumpkins grew, cleared out of corn stalks. Then, Jennie came and rototilled it, missing where the kale was growing as she thought we were still consuming it.
We then were able to put winter rye, a cover crop, down to help protect and enrich the soil during the winter. Also, where the pumpkins grew, we cleared that out and put down winter rye. It has recently now starting to grow, it looks a little like green grass. Heidi and myself and at one point Robin and myself took the landscaping fabric out of the garden and back into the barn. We put down winter rye in some of the wooden garden beds and then lightly down hay.  We also removed dead plants, such as the dill and lettuce.

Earlier this weimg_8496ek, Juanita, Robin, and I took the large garlic heads and removed the cloves inside and planted them outside in the garden in two garden beds. We put them in different garden beds this year to give the ones last year that grew the garlic a break to grow something different. It did not take long to plant the garlic, only about 20 minutes. We have done a lot of garden work and the garden is now ready to rest for the winter. It will be ready in the spring.



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