Garden Bounty

img_8525It’s hard to believe that the garden is almost “put to bed” for the winter.  It feels so empty, even while it looks  neat and tidy.  Well, not totally empty – we still have leeks and kale growing, and the cover crop of winter rye looks like green hair in various beds!

Orca (aka Calypso) beans

Inside, we still have work to do.  Today we worked with pumpkins – baking, scraping, and pureeing for freezing.  We have garlic, onions, and potatoes to store, and the jalapeno and Thai peppers are slowing drying.   The orca beans are done, but we still have Vermont cranberry beans to shell, and bags of frozen tomatoes to turn into sauce.


“Glass Gem” field corn


Unfortunately, we missed our opportunity with the popcorn.  We picked it and left it in a bushel basket inside to deal with later.  Then, last Friday, I discovered that the basket was full of mold and mildew.  I managed to save some of our lovely field corn, but most of the popcorn went into the compost pile to nourish next year’s crops.


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