Vail, Herrick & Hillard Families

I went to the Read and Maple Grove cemeteries in Danby, VT for a history study class. I was given an assignment to pick a person’s gravestone or family to study about. I choose the Herrick family due to them having owned and lived on Smokey House land circa 1869.


Alexander Barrett Herrick, b. 7-9-1825, One of nine children of William & Hannah Herrick. His Grandfather Henry Jr. Lived on Dutch Hill in Danby and then later a farm south of Danby Four Corners. Alexander lived at the same farm as his father and Grandfather. His Grandfather owed a tavern at Danby Four Corners. Alexander married Maria Hillard in 1852. They had 11 children. He worked as a farmer on his land from 1850-1900.


The Hilliard House with the Smokey House office was the P.G. Vail house in 1854 and the A.B. Herrick house in 1869. The Herrick Farm located just south of the Vail farm. The Herrick’s & The Vail’s were related through marriage. Alexander’s Aunt Sally married Edward Vail, Jr. Alexander’s brother Henry owed the Vail Farm north of Four Corners.


I might later research to see if this family is related to me. I might try to find living descendants of the Herrick family.


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