Making Apple Cider

On Friday, September 30, 2016, we got out the apple cider grinder and press from the barn storage and cleaned it very well with bleach and sprayed down with water. We then took the apples and cleaned them off with bleach and water so that no or little bacteria remains. After the apples were cleaned, we placed them back in the bucket and brought them to the downstairs patio and put them them through the grinder. I threw the apples in and Scott used the wheel to make them crunch up into mash. Then we brought the apple mash to another press and pressed it down to make cider. The circle sized wooden piece was pressed down on by moving around a metal iron presser and then the cider liquid came out into the metal pot.

The process of making cider is simple. The hard part is cleaning the presses before and after use. After we got all the cider we could out of the mash we then tasted it. It was very tasty, it was quite sweet in taste. I’ve made and had apple cider here before at Smokey House and I’d say this was the best yet. It was very a very enjoyable experience although it was a little chilly out. Us moving around with the press and cleaning them make it not so chilly. Today, October 3, 2016 there was still some cider left and it was still quite good!


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