Photography Class

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Friday of last week we had a photography class. We went out into the garden and took pictures using the Rule of Thirds, etc. We then reviewed the photos we took and talked about which one we thought was our best shot and why. We also talked about which one was our bad shot and why, not following photography rules, blurry, etc. We had a group discussion on why someone might take a picture. We came up with:
Document History
Tell a story
time lapse
grab attention
makes you wonder/ponder

Today I edited the picture that was my favorite, which is looking onto a pumpkin with a green leaf to the right of the picture. I edited it using Photos (Mac App) and I adjusted the light, color. I use the sharpen, definition (contrast) and vignette features. Now, you can notice the rain drops and details of the leaf more due to the darkening of the picture. I also edited two other photos, my favorites after my first favorite. They were a close up of lettuce and of cherry tomatoes. I edited the lettuce to show more of its details and I cropped the cherry tomato picture to draw more attention to the tomatoes and I adjusted the light to make them pop up more.

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