Planting and Harvesting Corn/Garden


In the spring we planted some corn in the garden. We tilled up the soil, then mounded it up into rows.  Then we planted the seed along the rows. We had many different rows of sweet, pop corn and Indian corn. We took care of it throughout the spring and the beginning of the summer. We watered it when it was young, then when it poked up through the soil we just let it naturally take its course.

We students left on summer vacation. While we were gone the Smokey House program had grade schoolers come in and tend to the corn and the rest of the garden. They came here three days a week like school, but they only did garden work. They had no homework and it was all volunteer work. In the time they were here they took the crops that grew quickly and that kept reproducing throughout the summer, to the farmers market. They took the money they made at the farmers market and split it up individually between all of them.

Now we’re back and fall is coming soon. We are harvesting the corn and the rest of the crops. Every day we have been doing the same thing picking beans and bagging them up. We also have been harvesting sun gold tomatoes, we weighed them to package them. Every Thursday for the first few weeks we have been going to the farmers market selling our crops. Alike with the grade schoolers, we are dividing our profit.

To prep for winter we have been harvesting everything in the garden. This up coming week is our last week at the farmers market for the season. I enjoyed the planting and growing of the garden!!



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