Working at the Sugar House


Scott and Jake working on the timber frame at Green Mountain Collage that Robin was teaching how to build.

Dillon Williams working on the Sugar House roof, with another student.

Students on the Sugar House roof.

Scott Dawson working on Sugar House roof.

Students at Smokey House eating lunch, sitting on the Sugar House roof, including myself, I’m the one farthest to the right.

Scott Dawson – Working  on the Sugar house  was a good experience. It was fun, and  I now know I need to work on working with other people. The old roof came down  so we are cleaning up and getting rid of the old roof.  So now we can make it part of the school  because we are going to have a bunch of of little kids coming to our school from Dorset.

Dillon Williams – Last Friday and Monday of this week, I worked on the Sugar House roof as Jesse, Smokey House Director, took it down for us to use the pieces as salvage. Projects include but are not limited to us making benches, an outhouse and chairs. I had a hammer and hammered out nails, so that they’d be easier to pull out. After other students got out wooden boards from the structure of the Sugar House roof, I hammered nails out and then pulled them out using some tools. Overall, it has been great working on this project, especially since it is outside. Currently, we are still working on the Sugar House roof. Today, we could not go out as it was raining and quite cold out. We only have about 2 hours of work left, of pulling nails from wooden boards and cleaning the Sugar House.

Scott Dawson – On Thursday Jake and I went to the Green Mountain Collage and worked on setting rafters on  a timber frame.  We also completed a scissor truss. That was a very hard work.  So now I do not want to be a timber frame worker.  The only reason we went is because Robin was doing it and had to finish so we went and helped finish it.


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