Things we’ve done at Smokey House within the past month

IMG_0135 Working on the map on the pond.

IMG_0197 Me on the right climbing at the Green Mountain Rock Climbing Center.

IMG_0214 Student making the chicken cordon bleu today.







Things we’ve done at Smokey House within the past month:

  • Last Monday, March 24, 2014, we went to the Green Mountain Rock Climbing Center in Rutland, VT. Our instructor was named Matt. Most people climbed about 3-5 times. At first, we didn’t have to be in a harness or have any protection. We were told to just climb up to the black lines, and try to go across to reach other rock climbing boards. People also belayed others. This means that that a person would have a lock tied to their harness along with a rope holding them down to the floor. They would levee the the persons climbing rope up and down. We were there for about 3-4 hours. For lunch, most visited Subway, including myself while one student went to McDonalds.
  • We also worked on the workbench and finished it recently.
  • Robin went to the wood shop and cut out pieces for us, to make wooden boxes. We took the wooden boxes pieces and sanded them down, got the wood particle piece out, we also got glue, hammers, screwdrivers and hammers to put the pieces together to make a wooden box.
  • We also worked on chip carving, primarily learning on how to do it.
  • Today, March 26, 2014, some students helped to make chicken cordon bleu. It was very good.
  • Some students also made mauls, sort of like a judge’s hammer.
  • We also worked on a map on the pond of New England. We got ashes and followed the lines Robin made with a stick to map it out.

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