Looking Back

Looking back these past few months at Smokey House, here are some of the favorite things I’ve done:

  • Made shelters outside twice.
  • Have done some wilderness survival learning.
  • Made a fire outside by the stream on the Herrick House trail.
  • Made things; the honeysuckle coat rack, wreaths, food such as pumpkin bread/puree, soups, and bread.
  • Visited farms such as The Two Dog Farm, Yoder Farm, and the Green Mountain College Farm.
  • Sold our products (pumpkins, pumpkin bread, peppers, etc) at the Manchester Farmers Market twice.
  • Harvested a lot of pumpkins, tomatos, beets and peppers.
  • Did tree/plant identifcation.
  • Did trail work on the pond, and hiking route.

Building shelters Making the shelters.

IMG_7453 Student helping to make the Honeysuckle coat racks.

IMG_0675 Me lighting the fire.

IMG_0647 Harvesting.

IMG_7561 Working in the kitchen.
IMG_0662 At the pond.


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