What is a Quinzee?

After Saturday’s snowfall we have about 8 or 9 inches on the ground, although it is very drifted now.IMG_7513

Step 1) Make a BIG pile of snow.

Step 2) Wait. Maybe a couple of hours. Until after lunch at least.

Step 3) Hollow it out.

Step 4) Move in.

Quinzees are magic. Piling up the loose snow allows the ice crystals to realign and bond together so that the loose, slippery snow becomes capable of holding a shape and supporting its own weight. It is a lot of work and we haven’t finished, but we have a good start. Actually I really shouldn’t say “we” since my contribution has been minimal. But Juanita, Kieghan, and Dillon went back out and began the hollowing out process. Cold, they reported back.IMG_7539


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