Some things I’ve done

Some of the beets.
Some of the beets.

These are some of the things I’ve done:

  • Last Wednesday at Smokey House, there was some soil testing done at The Two Dog Farm. Some farmers and garderns came. Also some people from RAFFL (Rutland Area Farm and Food Link) came. We were out for about two hours. I learned about soil types. 
  • Harvested the beets. Then, I took them and made pickled beets. Haven’t tried them yet.
  • Put some cover crops called white rye out by the the back of the original field we cut the weeds out of and rodokilled and also where the pumpkins were as well and placed the same cover crop, winter rye. This is for the Winter season and to better the soil.
  • Harvested the carrots and cut the green leaf tops off them. 

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