Mid-November Sparkle

November is the in-between – after the foliage has gone but before the ground is frozen iron hard. Nights are cold, days are, well- days can be glorious like this one, or bitter and windy, or chilly and wet. But today is a brilliant blue sky and a brisk wind. We have started keeping a weather log, though we have no fancy instruments yet to measure wind speed  or barometric pressure. So we are recording temperature, what kind of clouds are in the sky, wind direction (the thermometer has a string hanging from it so we can see which way the wind is blowing),  precipitation, and any additional comments. I look forward to getting a few more instruments to gather a fuller picture of our local weather.

Out in the wood today, after campfire, hot dogs, and marshmallows we spent a little time building rock sculptures, an activity I find curiously addictive. Everyone did at least one “stacking” and the site is becoming a unusual sight, an art park out in the woods.


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