The First Quarter

IMG_7012Can you believe that we’ve completed the first quarter of the school year already?  Here’s a partial list of the learning activities at YouthWork and Learn:

  • Writing – daily reflections and review of learning; free-writing; blog posts.
  • Reading – field guides; cookbooks and recipes; informational magazines.IMG_0591
  • Exploration of agriculture – the practice and economics of farming, including visits to four farms.  Hands-on experiences in apple picking, field preparation, scything/mowing, composting, mulching, pest identification.  Planning and selling produce at farmers market.
  • Botany and ecology – work on leaf, plant, and tree identification; invasive species;  human interaction with the environment.
  • Nutrition – including food pyramid, nutrients, calories; food log.
  • Culinary skills – Cooking and baking: fresh tomato sauce, “caprese” salad, salsa, cider, applesauce, pumpkin puree, pumpkin bread, dried herbs, stuffed mini-pumpkins/squash.  Use and preservation of fresh vegetables.  Kitchen safety, maintenance and organization.
  • Garden management – active planning, managing, and problem-solving in the garden.IMG_7105
  • Geography – familiarity with local area including farms and forest, map reading.
  • Physical activity – daily outdoor activities, including hiking and garden work.
  • Creative arts – photography, honeysuckle woodcraft, balanced rocks installation.
  • Current issues – daily discussion of personal and social issues, politics, government, etc.
  • Development of personal and career-related skills – leadership, team-work, problem-solving, independence, persistence, resilience, attentiveness, et al.



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