These last few days at Smokey House

This is me and another student cutting down thorn bushes by the pond.


Here is the mini pumpkin with soup inside it.

Here is me cutting down the Honey Suckle to make the coat racks, a project we are still working on.

These last few days at Smokey House have been filled with a lot of things.  I have done some work at the pond, by cutting down trees with pricklers and some other plants to try to make a pathway around the pond.  We have made good progress so far.  An interesting thing I did was visiting the cemetery down the road from Smokey House.  The oldest tombstone was from 1803 and the youngest person buried there was 5 months old.  We tried to do rubbings on some of the stones with a crayon and paper, but it didn’t work out well.  I also made soup inside of a mini pumpkin filled with all sorts of things such as small tomato and pepper pieces, cheese and herbs.  This was done on two days during lunch.  We also walked on the path behind the Herrick House and saw that some of our stacks of rocks were still standing.  We are also working on a project that involves making some coat racks with honeysuckle, an invasive plant, as the thing to use as a hook to hold the coats.  These are most of the things that my last few days at Smokey House have filled with.


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