Nutrition, Stuffed Pumpkins, Scything and More!

IMG_0656Last week we learned about nutrition and then baked some pumpkins for the bread and little pumpkins with water olive oil, onions, pepper,and some herbs then went out side and walked around the pond to see if we could make a trail and then did some plant I.D. Then came back inside and ate the pumpkins. Then after that we routed the boards and got wood shaving in my hair. On Wednesday we started the food log then cooked some stuffed pumpkins with rice, onions, peppers, beans, cheese, then walked to the Herrick house to the stream and made cairns for fun. Then on Friday Dillon and Brittany made the pumpkin bread and me and Tyler worked on our food logs the we went out and learned how to use a scythe and cut the grass. And sang happy birthday to Brittany and had pumpkin bread.

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