Manchester Farmers Market

Selling pumpkins and more at the farmers' market
Selling pumpkins and more at the farmers’ market

Last Thursday we went to the farmers market in Manchester on top of Center Hill.  It took 2 weeks of planning on how and what we wanted to sell. We sold baked goods that we made during school, but we also sold some of our pumpkins we harvested from our garden.

We did really well for our first time selling things to raise money for our school. The baked goods we sold were rainbow cookies, oatmal chocolate chip cookies, peanut butter brownies and organic homemade pumpkin bread. We sold some things from our garden such as fresh tomatoes, fresh herbs etc. I have noticed that our pumpkin bread was what sold the most.

We want to do the farmers market again on the last day for the winter but want to sell different things this time. We are planning on what we want to sell and make for it, and so far we know for sure that we are going to bake pumpkin bread with the rest of the pumpkins we have left. I hope to see more people there. It’s Thursday October 10th. It starts at 3 and ends at 6. So please come support our school! I am very proud of us at the Smokey House. We have done so much in the last few weeks in so little time.


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