Why people should come to the Smokey House program

IMG_6972Why should people come to the Smokey House?? Well there are many good things about this place. Not only is the Smokey House is such a wonderful place. We offer people so many positive things. We sell things from our garden, and we teach/learn different things everyday that help everyone in their outside life.

As for me being a student here, I never thought I would like  it here but turns out I love it here. I am not a person who likes school and does not like sitting in a class room just listening to teachers talk, but I love it here because you don’t just sit in a class room, we actually get outside and do different school related things. The Smokey House is the most friendliest place to be. Everyone respects each other, and you’re not always just sitting down and learning.

You do many different things outside. For example, we work in the garden and weed, pick crops etc. We go for hikes in the woods. We also go to the farms around us and learn about the things they do and how they make a living from it. I really have to say being here at the Smokey House this year is helping me a lot in my everyday outside life with my dad’s job that I help with. I’ve only been here for a week and a half, and I’ve learned more then I would in a actual high school.

The environment here is way better then high schools are and there are not many students here at the moment, but it’s nice to have less people the you would in a regular class room. It’s easier to get along better and the students here are the best people you could be around. I don’t really like talking to a lot of people, but here I talk to everyone because of how nice it is to be able to feel respected  and over all you can trust them. We make things more fun then a regular school would. We actually get out in the environment and are more active while we are learning.

I think this is the best place to go to school because its all hands on not just reading out of books. If this does not seem like anything important to you then please just come and visit us, just so you can see how we do things and if you would like it.


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