Smokey House … the last few days

Some of the things I’ve done these past few days at Smokey House…

1. Visited the Yoder Farm

2. Went on a hike behind the Herrick House

3. Visited Two Dog Farm

4. Saw something big on a tomato plant?


1. At the Yoder Farm, I saw the apple cider making process, Kenyan beans, chickens being grown to sell. I also saw corn cobs used to make popcorn, sampled some apples and some bites from a corn cob. However, the corn wasn’t completely ripe yet.

2. Went on a hike for about an hour behind the Herrick House … walked about 3 miles and it didn’t even feel like it! See past blog post about it:

3. Everything at Two Dog Farm is organic and they are certified. Saw the maple syrup building, saw some tomatoes in a plastic covered house, some herbs in the garden, learned how they take care of the cows/cattle and pigs.

Hornworm eating a tomator
Hornworm eating a tomato

4. Saw a tomato horn worm… 10 were collected from Two Dog Farm and 6 in our garden here at Smokey House… even found one near the pumpkins! What was it doing there? Hmmm… here is one on a tomato vine…

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