First year at the Smoky House

ImageFirst year ever being at the Smoky House makes me feel good. This is my second day being here, and it’s amazing to have this opportunity to be here for school, to help everyone out by working in their garden. The past two days of working in the garden feels good. I love working outside and being able to work in a garden for other people. It’s such a wonderful job. I never knew half of the stuff I have learned in the last two days.

The Smoky House is such a good place to be. There are many new things to do and learn about if you didn’t already know about them. I honestly think that if I did not come to school at the Smoky House I would not know most of the stuff I keep learning about. As days go on more and more things keep happening, it is for the best! The teachers here are friendly and really nice. They are very welcoming and over all just make school a lot better for us. I would not know what to do without my teachers and the stuff they teach us about.

Working/going to school here is a lot of help in your everyday outside life. It helps you also use all the information you have learned at jobs or even just for you to teach other people in your family. We have not only worked in the garden, we also learned about all the objects growing in it. We also got to know each other and some of the things we enjoy in our lives. Everyone respects one another, and we all work as a team. I have never seen a school where anyone gets along like we do here. I would not trade being here for the world. I love this place and everything we do here!!!

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