Visiting Manchester

These are Codi’s thoughts about visiting Manchester.

During my time visiting the Manchester group was very cool and very educational.  We visited The Tutorial Center.  I found it extremely interesting because the program was very similar to the school I go to.  I believe there should be more programs like The Tutorial Center and YAP.The Manchester Tutorial Center

In my experience these types of programs work a lot better than traditional school programs.  Also, during my time at the Manchester program I saw a big difference between the Rutland Farmers’ Market and the Manchester Market in terms of products that was being sold.  There were a lot more specialty products that would interest tourists, like gelato, vegan food and fancy cooked foods.  The Manchester YAP group’s garden was also very different than ours in terms of landscaping and plant varieties.

YAP Manchester Garden plot One thing I did notice was that it still had problems with weeds but different kinds of weeds.  Also, the kinds of unwanted plants were different than ours.  Personally, my favorite part of visiting the Manchester YAP group was getting to meet the other group and seeing how they did things in a different setting than where we do them.


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