Selling Products

We made a few different objects to sell at our two tiny stands. One half of our group went to MT Tabor Store and the other half headed to Nichol’s Store. First we spent a day at Smokey House, making things to sell and getting vegetables ready for the stand.

Preparing for Info Tables

One of the projects we crafted was painted rocks. Some of them were tic-tac-toe and had x’s and o’s painted on them in different colors. There were also bookmarks with dried leaves and flowers pressed inside that Sophie and Sammie made. We also made sage sticks, which are for people to burn and are supposed to smell good. There was also some dried catnip in small boxes that cost $2.00 each.

Boxed Catmint

We tried to sell some things but were not very successful in doing so. We only made $5.00 at each stand, which was a little disappointing but better then nothing. It was hot at the stand; at least I think so. Some people who came to the store walked right by without paying attention to us. Some glanced over and some said hi. Also we said hi to some people who walked passed us into the store, but a few did come over and were interested in what we were doing. One guy who was a truck driver came over and we gave him a green pepper since he did not have any cash with him and we were going to donate some anyway. Most of the people who came were either traveling and they needed a quick snack or they were workers stopping for pizza.

Mt. Tabor Country Store

I think it was a good experience.  Even though we only made $5.00, we got some word out that YAP was starting again at Smokey House, and we met some new people. So it was a good time.

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