Yoder Farm and RRMC

YAP Danby Compost
YAP Danby Compost

The YAP-Danby group has gone to many cool places, one being Yoders Farm. One of the many methods for fertilizing their soil is having the chickens live on their plots to fertilize the soil for next year. Another thing farmers might do is put nitrogen in the soil to help the growth of the plants. We want to thank the Yoders for the compost bin they donated to YAP-Danby.

Josh- Lily at RRMC Healing Garden
Josh- Lily at RRMC Healing Garden

Another neat place that we saw was the healing garden at the Rutland Regional Medical Center (RRMC). I think it is great for the patients’ healing process to have the opportunity to see a calming place so close by. We learned about colors and how different colors are important because you don’t just want one color. It would be boring and/or overwhelming. Another thing i think was cool was the labyrinth. It’s a really relaxing exercise.

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