Feeding the “Groundess”

Has last night’s dinner gone bad in the fridge? No need to fear, composting is here! Our Y.A.P group has been learning how to compost. Even if you live in the city you still can compost.  If done correctly, composting shouldn’t stink up the place, keeping in mind you want happy neighbors next door.  Composting is used as a nutrient to the soil to make the plants very happy.Here is how far we’ve gotten with our compost system:

YAP Danby Compost
YAP Danby Compost

Thanks Ryan Yoder for donating the compost bin!

At Neshobe Farm this is their composter.

Sophie- Neshobe Farm Pigs
Sophie- Neshobe Farm Pigs

Pigs are wonderful animals to have around.  Mud actually cools them off. Here is how they are helpful. Pigs eat the leftover food to break it down. They are very reliable resources, to eat leftover food and to provide food for us.

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