Farmer’s Markets and Companion Planting

Eli- Poultney Farmers Market
Poultney Farmers Market

We went to the Poultney  and Rutland farmer’s markets. The Poultney one is a lot smaller because it is a smaller town.  At the Rutland farmer’s market there were lots of vegetables, of course.  I was surprised to see someone selling whiskey. There were also some baked goods, lemonade and ice tea. The farmer’s markets are a good opportunity for people to buy organic food and eat healthy. It’s better for the environment because the vegetables and fruits there do not have pesticides sprayed on them.

Eli- Companion Planting YAP Garden
Companion Planting in the YAP Garden

Another cool thing we learned about was companion planting.  Some plants can help the soil and others can suck the nutrients away. For example at Cerridwen Farm, Sam planted clovers in between the raised beds to help give nutrients to the soil.  Some plants are not good. For example there is a vine-like plant that attaches to other plants and strangles them to death. Planting certain flowers can also attract pollinators such as bees. This can also help farmers get there crops pollinated.

Mr. Twitters, thanks for donating flowers plus vegetables!

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