After gleaning/harvesting 243 pounds of zucchini and 291 pounds of Carrots at Dutchess Farm
After gleaning/harvesting 243 pounds of zucchini and 291 pounds of carrots at Dutchess Farm

So in the past three days here at Y.A.P (Smokey House) we have been doing a lot of weeding at the main place we work in Danby, Vermont.  Yesterday we went to Duchess farm to do a gleaning for them, a gleaning is when a team of volunteers to pick the crops the farmers cannot sell and they give these crops to food shelves, schools, and to people in need. We harvested carrots and squash and went to weigh them and put them in the car to transport them to storage at Thomas Dairy.  Yesterday I was picking carrots for a couple hours and then we weighed the carrots and we also weighed the carrots and squash, boxed and labeled them. Also yesterday we went to the Poultney farmers market.  It’s very small – not a lot of people.  We had to find certain items there at the farmers market.  We had to find, for example: “Find three vegetables that are red”. We also went to Cerridwen Farm at Green Mountain College to see the “edible garden” and walked around to see the cattle and oxen. There was a baby cow at Cerridwen Farm and she was very cute and we also got to pet the cattle. The mother cow actually started to look for her baby, and the other cow at the farm was also pregnant and is going to be giving birth very soon. After this very long, hot and tiring day, we came to Danby, VT to drop a coworker off and then drove back to West Rutland to get home. This week was very good, and I don’t want to see another carrot again. I have had enough sights of carrots!

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