Farm and Forest Discovery

I joined the Farm and Forest Discovery in the second week. We only meet on Tuesdays and Wednesdays so our time is limited. By the time I joined in, the garden had been tilled and the crew had taken a long hike pulling garlic mustard along the way.

As a group we discussed a lot of possible projects and activities, an amazing number of which we  have done. We made not one but two batches of dandelion jelly. We dug out the footbridge buried by Hurricane Irene and repositioned it upstream about six feet.

We cut walking sticks and have been peeling, sanding, and carving them bit by bit. We have explored, bushwhacked, cleared old trails, read maps, and laid out new trails. We have cooked some killer lunches – venison burritos (Alex brought in venison he had shot) and homemade pizza. We have identified, both in books and in the field, edible, medicinal, and invasive plants, and a few varieties of trees.

Of course the garden has been a constant for us. From the first we have been laying out beds, tilling, raking and hoeing beds, planting, weeding, and mulching. We made bean tripods from the root sprouts of the blown down apple tree that we cut up into firewood and brush.

And then everyday we sit down and write, reflecting on what we have done today and what we would like to do tomorrow. As of today however, there is no tomorrow, this is it. For now. It has been a pleasure and an exciting opportunity to help develop this program.


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